Who Is Icono Clast? Who cares?
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I eat, travel, dance, ride roller-coasters, occasionally have a thought I like to think original, and am proud to be an extremely provincial and parochial San Franciscan. The dance items at this site are, I hope, of general interest. I further hope you find something to inform or amuse you. If you do nothing else here, I hope you'll look at the pieces I'm Proud I Wrote.
………As of July 25, 2011, I have posted about 21,078 messages to UseNet primarily, but not exclusively, to groups focused on dancing, travel, and roller-coasters. The first was posted December 3, 1993. I have made more than 5,300 contributions to TripAdvisor© under various identities. I have had no fewer than three Op Ed opinion pieces published in newspapers with circulations greater than 100,000, one with my picture. I was also interviewed by Dave McElhatton for 15 minutes on radio station KCBS following a cross-country motorcycle trip during which I called in my adventures from around the USA. I have also had numerous letters published in newspapers, magazines, and on National Public Radio's All Things Considered.
………I was born in San Francisco and have not lived elsewhere except for the close to five cumulative years that I've spent on The Road probably visiting your home. It's been many decades since I concluded that there is no greener grass, a fact I've happily confirmed by continuing to look to see whether there is some.
………I have visited every state and nation in America except the Maritimes, NorthWest Territories, the former Guianas, Paraguay, Belize, and a few Caribbean islands. I've also not been to one of the USA's continental states but I won't tell you which. I have also visited sixteen countries in Europe.
………Thanks to a few good investments, my union and its pension, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, I am retired but not poor. You can see how I did it in the
history written by request of an economics-teaching friend.
………In addition to struggling with Standard American English, I speak North American Spanish.