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Obscene Use Of Cell Phone

IconoClast replied 13 April 2009 to GG-62 who, in an AARP.org forum, alleged

Vermont is wanting to legalize it for ages 13-18 to show themselves nude via cell phone

On what basis is doing so illegal? It might be in the country where you live but, in the USA, a medium of communication is not responsible for the communications for which it is used. The telephone, 'Net, WEB and other such media cannot possibly monitor the billions of daily communications and, therefore, not be held liable for what they're used to transmit.
……… I cannot hold the American Association of Retired Persons, the provider of this medium of communication, responsible for the obsecenely disgusting and revolting posts you've promulgated any more than an electronic service provider can be held responsible for what its users transmit. I know that non-citizens of the USA have difficulty compehending our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and freedoms granted to us. I suggest you think more about others' rights than your peccadillos.
……… If you or I or a child choose to send a photograph that might offend another, who is harmed? Who is it that could bring a charge? Against whom? Who would be convicted? Who would be fined or jailed? Your teen-aged daughter who sent a photograph to my gay teen-aged daughter who asked her to do so? Or vice/versa that didn't offend them but did you because you're offended by your god's creation?

IconoClast replied to GG-62 who said
I would advise parents of Christian children

How obscene of you to withhold or have different advice, however ill-conceived it might be, for the parents of children who adhere to one or some of the six thousand or so other religions and their six hundred or so One True gods? You apparently believe that one child differs from another, dependent upon a mythology, in what's good for that child? Disgusting! If you say your god or its mythology's teachers told you that, I'll say, in addition to your other lack of worth-while qualities, you're a liar! If you're a citizen of the USA, you're the worst kind, the kind who has caused and is responsible for the historic divisions of people and the countless massacres that history reveals to us in the names of their gods and/or mythologies. It is people such as you who disgust and repel me. Would that you and your kind join your god, who/whatever and wherever it is, so that our planet could live in peace.
……… Your kind of lesser-civilized and divisive people frighten me to sickness. Revolting!
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