WARNING: This contains strong language that might offend delicate sensibilities.

President Bush reaches principled decision on stem cell research
August 11, 2001, I sent this response to Republican National Committee Deputy Chairman JACK OLIVER:

[President George W.] Bush revealed a decision that demonstrates his fundamental commitment to preserving the value and sanctity of human life and his desire to promote vital medical research.
………That's not what I heard. I heard the fuckin' idiot condemn thousands, perhaps millions, of people for whom medical help might be found to lives of misery without hope of relief.

Bush was also guided by his belief that human life is a sacred gift from our Creator.
………Neither his parents nor yours are mentioned in the Constitution under which I live. He's not entitled to his own. Neither are you.

President Bush will not allow any federal funds for:
…(1) the derivation or use of stem cell lines derived from newly destroyed embryos;
…(2) the creation of any human embryos for research purposes;
…(3) or the cloning of human embryos for any purpose.

………Crimes for which the unelected asshole should be charged with malfeasance in office.
President Bush also believes that great scientific progress can be made through aggressive federal funding of research on umbilical cord placenta, adult, and animal stem cells that do not involve the same moral dilemma.
………But scientists in the field don't thus making the superstitious election thief a a dangerous dictator by striving to preserve ignorance. What's next? No funding for schools?
As a result, President Bush announced that this year the government will spend $250 million on this important research.
………A pittance far exceeded by drug companies who will overcharge us for the fruits of their research.
The United States has a long record of leading the world toward advances in science and medicine that improve human life;
………That the idiot's policies will terminate! Fortunately, there are other countries with institutions and scientists who will do the work undone in the USA.
I know all Americans are proud of the way in which the President took a careful, thoughtful and statesmanlike approach to this decision.
………How DARE you?!? I'm profoundly embarrassed by his decision and you should be, too, as should all right-thinking homo sapiens.
The President has struck the right balance between advancing medical research to help people suffering from grave illnesses, protecting the sanctity of human life.
I fully support the President's decision as the best course for our nation.
………Then you're no smarter than he. I pray neither you nor your family become afflicted with something that the drunk-driver's policies will have prevented the cure from coming to be.

Icono Clast
— Icono Clast