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Subject: The Non-Gambling Side of Las Vegas
From: Matt Robertson@*.co.uk
Do it, it's a great adults playground. The visit can be as cheap or as expensive as you like (there is so much free stuff). I found the message boards at Travel2Vegas very useful.

From: SusanC
"YESCO boneyard". The Young Electric Sign Company is often credited with creating the ridiculously over-the-top neon sign styles we associate with Las Vegas. Although not open to the public, with good luck, you will see some remarkable stuff through their fence.  It's like an archeological dig of 25 year-old pop culture. A little disturbing, interesting, and very 'Vegas.

From: Todd Kunioka:
Goofy museums. There are some art galleries in Strip casinos that have pretentions of greatness. But for the cost, they're not [in my opinion] worth a stop. On the other hand, things like Elvis-arama and the Liberace Museum (closed 17 October 2010) are more Las Vegas' speed.

From: Icono Clast
The old Desert Inn is gone, the new one not yet open, but The [Steve] Wynn Collection of Fine Art is a wonderful red-wall'd and carpeted, perfectly-lit gallery with about a dozen fabulous paintings that absolutely must be seen! We had the gallery to ourselves for longer than two hours which was great for us but sad as it's so great and apparently so few care to see the great masterworks. We visited both of The Venetian's Guggenheim galleries during our last visit. Once again I implore you to see "The Art of the Motorcycle" not just for the bikes but also for the spectacularity of Rem Koulhaas' display.

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On April 12, 2009, in the UseNet Group alt.vacation.las-vegas under the subject
George Leppla recognized Westie, who provided the URL for the American Broadcasting Company report The homeless find shelter in tunnels below the high-stakes casino action, and told a tale from …

Many years ago on a solo trip to Vegas, I had breakfast at the coffee shop in the Freemont. They were running a coupon promotion for a breakfast special for 99 cents. In a far corner of the room near the kitchen was a large table set up and many homeless men were eating there. I talked to the hostess about it and she said that they had a bunch of “regulars” that came in almost every day and that the Freemont took care of them as they would anyone else with 99 cents and a coupon as long as they sat at a “community” table and didn't bother the other customers.
………She also told me that at least once every day, someone would go to the cashier and pick up the tab for the entire table ... never more than $10 .... or give an extra tip to the waitresses who would work that table.

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Places To Dance in Las Vegas:
My favorite hap'nin's there

Monday-Thursday at 20:00 a Big Band plays behind the home of Jim Hemming at
1853 East El Dorado Lane, Paradise Valley.
Take something for the boys to eat or drink.
Plenty of room to dance on the cement floor.

LATIN-AMERICAN Las Vegas Salseros

Monday-Thursday at the Gold Coast Dance Hall, 4000 West Flamingo Road (Telephone: 367-7111) from 13:00-18:40, an hour later on Fridays.

Gigs we've not confirmed:
Friday at 7:  The Jazz Church at Third and Bridger

Monday at 7:30: the Coummunity College of Southern Nevada Big Band
3200 East Cheyenne Avenue, North Las Vegas — 651-5109 - 5843

GOTO Swing Dancing

The following is from an unknown source of unknown reliability.
Caveat: The Following list is INfrequently updated.
Last Update: 8 December 2007 thanks to Jeff Smith.
Arthur Murray Dance Studio East — 798-4552
Friday 8:15-9:45 - Variety

Arthur Murray Dance Studio West — 876-3131
Alternate Mondays 8:15-9:45 - Variety

Coral Reef Lounge (Mandalay Bay) — 632-7777
Monday-Saturday 9:30-2:30; Latin/Other

Delgado Dance Studios — 465-5777
4220 South Grand Canyon Road
Ballroom and Latin Party Saturdays: 8:30-11

The Sevilla (Aladdin Casino) — 938-7777
Friday and Saturday 11-4; Salsa/Latin

Harrah's — 369-5000
Nightly; Various

Hop — 310-5060 — Currently closed
Friday 8-3; R&B

Mount. Charleston Lodge — 872-5408
Sunday Noon-5; Swing, Polka, Dixie

Nefertiti's Lounge at Luxor — 262-4000

RA at Luxor — 262-4400
Wednesday-Saturday, 10-?; Disco, Rock & Funk

Ricardo's at MGM — 736-4970
Wednesday-Saturday 9-12; Latin

Rum Jungle (Mandalay Bay) — 632-7777
Nightly 10-?; Disco, Rock & Funk
Sam's Town — 456-7777
Nightly; Various

Santa Fe Ice Lounge — 658-4900
Wednesday 8-11, Saturday 9-12; Various/Big Band

SRO — 796-1136
Friday-Saturday 10:30-3; Latin

Stoney's Rockin' Country — 435 BULL
9151 South Las Vegas Boulevard, 300
Best early on Thursday

Studio 54 at MGM — 891-7254
Tuesday-Saturday 10-5; Disco, Rock & Funk

Texas Station — 631-1000
Friday-Saturday 9-2, Sunday 4-8; Swing

Dylan's — 451-4006
Friday-Saturday 8:30-5; Country
Line dance class at 7:30

Gilley's(Frontier) — 794-8200
Nightly; Country

The Railhead at Boulder Station — 432-7777
Monday 8:30-1; Salsa
Tuesday-Thursday 2-4; ?
Thursday: Blues

Venus Lounge (The Venetian Hotel)
Wednesday-Sunday 11-?; Salsa/Nightclub
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West Coast                                                          Lindy Hop


Stoney's Rockin' Country, 9151 South Las Vegas Boulevard, 300 — 435-BULL Early Thursday

[Thanks to gecp9 at yahoo com for most of the following
information and comments as of February 22, 2006 – Call to Confirm!]

Tuesdays, 7-10; Gratis!
Recorded music at Larry's Hideaway, 3369 Thom Boulevard near Cheyenne and Rancho (Telephone: 645-1899). Take your CDs! Great dance floor. DJ caters to Karaoke crowd. Many good dancers! West Coast Swing, NiteClub TwoStep, Hustle, Cowboy TwoStep, and an occasional Waltz, ChaCha. Food available. From InterState 95, East on Rancho, pass Cheyenne, right on Donnie. Larry's Hide-A-Away is slightly hidden.

Thursdays, 7-11; Gratis!
Doo-Wopps play mostly East Coast Swing/Jitterbug, some ChaCha, etc., at Fiesta Hotel & Casino, 2400 North Rancho Drive (Telephone: 631-7000) Some West Coast Swing music between sets. Take a partner!

Thursdays, 8-?
Blues band at Boulder Station: 4111 Boulder Highway. Take a partner!

Fridays-Saturdays, 9-Late; Gratis!
Country music, some suitable for Swing, at Dylan's Dance Hall and Saloon, 4660 South Boulder Highway, (Telephone: 451-4006). Class at 7:30.

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